With over four decades of experience and success, BTI has evolved into so much more than just an appraisal company. BTI adminsters our vast knowledge and insight to a broad spectrum of skills to benefit, advise, report and represent our clients in personal, corporate, civil and legal matters.  BTI's clients are private citizens, attorneys, insurance companies, governmental entities, corporations and financial institutions. BTI applies our expertise to assist clients in the following areas: 

Appraisal Hearings

​BTI has a successful track record as an appointed appraiser in appraisal Read More

Corporate Dissolutions

When corporation or partnership interests are in dispute, BTI values various Read More

Eminent Domain

BTI, on behalf of Cities, Counties and various agencies like Cal Trans or Metro, Read More

Intellectual Property & Intangibles

​BTI estimates the value of intellectual property and business intangibles Read More

Machinery & Equipment

BTI conducts numerous appraisals of machinery and equipment, furniture Read More

​Muniple Bond Collatoral Appraisals

Certain bonds require valuation of the underlying assets; the value serves Read More

Arbitration / Mediation

BTI serves as experts in matters of arbitration and mediation to determine if a Read More

Construction Defects

BTI acts as an expert witness in matters of real estate construction defects Read More

Feasibility Studies

BTI conducts feasibility studies on proposed construction of a building, home, Read More

Lending Decisions

BTI works with lenders, typically banks, to assess the value of improved Read More

Marital Dissolutions

When divorces occur, BTI values all of the assets whether residential or​ Read More

Property Tax Appeals

When a property owner believes the Tax Assessor has valued their property Read More


BTI performs appraisals when a bankruptcy is filed in court and the assets of the Read More

Diminution in Value

When there is a decrease in value, BTI typically appraises the property or business Read More

Goodwill Impairment

In matters of goodwill impairment, BTI assesses loss when profits of a business are Read More


BTI has years of experience and success in litigation. When there is a dispute Read More

Market Analysis

BTI conducts market analysis - typically a real estate study to determine the Read More

Residential Contents & Collectibles

BTI executes valuations of residential contents and collectibles in connection with Read More

Charitable Donations

BTI provides appraisals of donated items to support tax deductions with the IRS Read More

Easements & Encroachments

BTI acts a forensic consultant testifying in court when issues of easements through Read More

Insurance Coverage & Claims

Real estate appraisals are conducted to ensure proper coverage based on Read More

Lost Profits

BTI determines the value of lost profits when a business or property owner will Read More

Minority & Marketability Discounts

BTI calculates how much the individual’s interest should be discounted Read More

Trusts & Estates

BTI values personal assets for people planning their estates, which will be Read More

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